Sal Lauder Consulting

Ensure successful leadership

Transform for growth

Align strategy and culture

Partnering with CEOs and their executive leadership teams to review, design and transform their businesses.

Sal Lauder Consulting

Ensure successful leadership

Transform for growth

Align strategy and culture

Partnering with CEOs and their executive leadership teams to review, design and transform their businesses.

Optimising People and Performance

Enhance organisational performance by leveraging deep insights to inform strategic decision making and challenge established thinking.

Drawing on 25 years consulting experience in Australia and the UK, I specialise in providing people-focused solutions that optimise organisational performance. Psychology and neuroscience underpin all my projects, because understanding human behaviour and culture is critical for business success.

My approach begins with gaining deep insights into your organisation and then collaboratively designing and delivering a customised program of work to achieve your business goals. From boosting productivity, pursuing growth, navigating change, or fostering a more engaged workforce, I rely on proven methodologies and a robust toolkit to deliver the best possible outcomes.

With extensive experience across a range of industries including government, mining, engineering, and construction, I have earned a reputation as a trusted consultant who provides candid, straightforward advice. I am comfortable navigating complexity and uncertainty, and always deliver on my promises.

Successful leaders acknowledge they can’t do it all themselves.

Do you need to:

  • Gain unbiased insights and intelligence into your business performance
  • Use this knowledge to drive growth through transformation
  • Transition a business to sell, merge or buy
  • Accelerate leadership alignment
  • Ensure your transformational change sticks
  • Build integrated, effective teams, no matter where they work
  • Create a productive, healthy culture.

Ensure your organisation’s future success with demonstrable results.

Let’s be honest, consultants should be delivering more than just advice. Consultants come and go, and trends are outdated quickly.

With experience working across a diverse range of clients, including private and publicly listed companies, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations, I believe that a leader’s investment should not only result in sustainable outcomes, but also create significant positive impact on the bottom line.  My services can be customised to provide a complete solution tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Sal Lauder Consulting - Consulting and Advisory

Consulting and Advisory

Successful leaders know
they don’t have all the answers.

By seeking new perspectives, objective viewpoints, and diverse expertise, better results can be achieved in a shorter timeframe. Embracing a fresh approach can lead to more innovative and successful outcomes.

My bespoke consulting services provides solutions through the lens of neuroscience.

I partner with leaders to create, design and implement solutions that centre on people.

  • Organisational reviews delivering quality insights and intelligence
  • Design operating models and organisational structures
  • Strategy development, improvement, and execution
  • Enterprise change management
    • Re-structures
    • M&As
    • Cost saving strategies
  • Process mapping and improvement
  • Strategic communication and engagement – management plans and supporting collateral.
Sal Lauder Consulting - Leadership, Culture and Team Development

Leadership, Culture and Team Development

Inspiring leaders invest in creating a positive and productive culture that fosters teamwork, growth and success.

Effective leadership, culture and team development are critical to business success, but they are often undervalued or seen as ‘soft’ skills. However, the opposite is true, creating a healthy and productive culture can be challenging, even for the most progressive leaders.

I provide expert advice, strategies, and support to improve leadership, culture and organisational development that helps senior leaders achieve their organisational goals.

  • Culture assessments and pulse checks
  • Aligning strategy and culture
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Accelerated leadership alignment
  • Development of high performing teams
  • M&A integration
  • Strengthening capability
  • Sourcing and retaining talent.
Sal Lauder Consulting - Psychometrics and 360 Leadership Assessment

Psychometrics and 360 Leadership Assessment

Insightful leaders seek to understand themselves and their people better.

Assessments are valuable in gaining a deeper understanding of your own leadership style, strengths, motivations, and behaviours, as well as those of your peers, and teams. This level of insight can significantly enhance leadership performance and empower teams to work together more effectively.

I am accredited in several assessment and profiling tools that provide a robust and evidence-driven way to build upon strengths, improve teamwork and establish more productive relationships.

Leadership 360-degree assessments are an excellent tool for senior leaders and their direct reports to enable better strategic employee decisions and identify development gaps.

Customised tools can be designed, administered and followed up with detailed debriefs for each participant, informing development plans.

Sal Lauder Consulting - Facilitation and Training

Facilitation and Training

Impactful leaders provide opportunities for alignment, development, and information-sharing.

Enhance the quality of your meetings, workshops, or events with an experienced facilitator who can provide a fresh perspective on agenda planning and guide your group towards achieving their objectives. Effective facilitation skills can keep participants moving forward, even when encountering contentious issues or getting bogged down in detail. With my facilitation skills, your meetings and events will be more productive, efficient and engaging.

I create meaningful engagement by designing and facilitating events from high impact workshops and planning sessions to programs that improve skills and performance.

Sal Lauder Consulting

Sal Lauder

Organisational Psychologist | Management Consultant | Change Lead

As an experienced leader, organisational psychologist and management consultant, I thrive on the challenges and variety that come with working across diverse organisations. My primary focus is to listen carefully to my clients’ requirements and deliver tangible value to individuals, teams and the overall business.

I use the principles of psychology and neuroscience to drive organisational efficiency, develop people capability and maximise revenue. I bring a unique blend of expertise to my work including leadership roles in government, working as a consultant for ASX listed companies tackling complex problems, administering large-scale psychometric assessments, experience in education and organisational development and board memberships. This diversity has given me a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face and allows me to provide effective solutions for my clients.

As a co-founder of a technology start-up that provided a platform to assess enterprise and employability skills, I had first-hand experience in entrepreneurship and innovation. I believe that challenging conventional thinking and approaches is vital for both personal and organisational growth which has been central to my success in empowering individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.

My expertise spans the public and private sectors, with project leadership across numerous industries. I am known for developing creative, practical solutions, leveraging a diverse skillset, and delivering measurable outcomes. I have a track record in leading large, complex projects and transformation programs and accelerating the alignment and integration of global teams.

As a registered psychologist, executive coach, qualified change management practitioner, and Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, I bring broad professional accreditations and memberships to my work. Nonetheless, it is my unwavering commitment to putting people at the centre of organisational success that sets me apart.

  • Developed program for alignment and integration of global EPC/EPCM project teams piloted with a $500m+ EPCM project in South America.
  • Managed change program and transition to a new operating model of $5b ASX100 company.
  • Led merger of two divisions within construction, engineering and mining to form a $3b business.
  • Led review and change program for underperforming division with revenue of $1.6m.
  • Conducted organisational reviews across the private and public sectors to inform change programs, process improvement and cultural change.
  • Developed a health and well-being strategy and action plan to address the systemic challenges of mental health and wellness for physician college members.
  • Managed stakeholder engagement and change program for the National Health Reform Transition Office (Queensland).
  • Implemented suite of new psychometric assessments for applicants to the Queensland Police Service.
  • Co-founded an integrated platform for customized 360 feedback profiles that included assessments for leadership, resilience, employability skills and culture fit.
  • Enterprise change management
  • Strategic and change communication
  • Organisational review and design
  • Leadership alignment and development
  • Development of high performing teams
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • High impact workshop design and facilitation
  • Psychometric assessment design and administration.
  • Arts Hons (Psychology)
  • Graduate Diploma Psychology
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Company Directors Course (GAICD)
  • Accredited Executive Coach
  • NeuroPower Leadership Intensive
  • DISC Advanced® Accredited Consultant/ Facilitator
  • Change Management Practitioner (APMG-International)
  • Mediation Course (Bond University)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Accreditation

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